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Archery Tag

Infinite Gaming now brings Global Archery Tag to you!

Archery Tag is a unique sport that is a new twist on the classic game of tag where you use our specially designed padded arrows and equipment to reach out and TAG someone.  The different game modes are awesome and will keep your guests entertained for hours.  It combines dodge-ball and other combat games with the unique skills of archery. Players take aim at each other with our padded arrows to score points, eliminate opposing team members, or take out their targets! 

As always, We do ALL the work and bring the fun to you to ensure a stress-free event! Adults and children alike can have an amazing time with our Archery battlefield setup.  Take aim in our Target practice setup to sharpen your skills between matches. 

Our Archery Coach will be right there to make sure that your event runs smooth and is AWESOME!  They will teach Safety, Instruct how to use our equipment and referee the matches!

Concerned about safety? Don’t be! With our full face protection and our specially foam tipped arrows, Nobody gets injured.

Take Aim and Release for an AWESOME event!



Weekend Birthday Parties or Private Events (Friday-Sunday)
2 Hours: $325
Additional Hours: $125

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday)
2 Hours: $300
Additional Hours: $100

School and Church Pricing:
2 Hours: $300
Additional Hours: $100

Archery Tag and Game Theater Combo:
3 Hours: $515

Note:  Every participant in a Infinite Gaming Archery Tag event MUST have a signed “Release form” in order to play.

Plus any additional Travel Surcharge. See our Service Area page .

Birthdays, Corporate Events, School and Church Events, Fundraisers and more!