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Digital Invitations

Infinite Gaming has several Digital Invitations that you can download, change the text and save.  You can print them on postcard sized paper yourself, take them to a printer, or send them electronically to your guests!  Which ever way you choose, this is the coolest way to have custom invitations for that special Birthday Party!  Just click on the link below the preview to download and save a custom template!

(Keep an eye out as we will always be adding new templates)


Game On

Super Smash Brothers

Odyssey Invitation

Mario Kart

Minecraft Invitation

Minecraft Invitation 2

Just Dance

Madden 18



Injustice Joker

Injustice Harley Quinn

Injustice Wonder Woman


Call of Duty 1

Call of Duty 2

Archery Tag

Print out a V.I.P. PASS for each Guest to personalize it for Everyone!

Infinite Gaming VIP Passes

Infinite Gaming VIP Passes Mario











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