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Our Video Game Library

With Infinite Gaming, you always get to specify which games you want (or don’t want) played during your party.  Feel free to let the Game Coach know your needs, and bring your own games if you’d like!

Want to know the content of any of our games?  Check out the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) and just type the game name in the Search Box.  Click here for the ESRB web site.


YES, We have FORTNITE!  (Moms and Dads, just so you know, it is a ONE player game and uses one TV in our trailer on it’s own.    We highly  recommend NOT inviting 28 Gamers to a FORTNITE only party.  21 Gamers will be sitting around watching the others play.  Gamers know they have to rotate, but we like to keep all Gamers involved.  Please call us to discuss details.  Also, It is ONLINE ONLY.  We can game game one or 2 FORTNITEs off of our hot-spot (depending on cell service), but for any more than that, we must run a wire and plug in to your modem at the house.  We do it all the time.  It is very easy.)


Our games are listed by game console below.

Console Game Name  
NES Classic 30 favorite classic games  
Nintendo Switch ARMS  
Nintendo Switch Fortnite  
Nintendo Switch MarioKart 8 Deluxe  
Nintendo Switch RAYMAN Legends  
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey  
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party  
Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate  
PS4 Borderlands The Handsome Collection  
PS4 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare  
PS4 Call of Duty Black Ops III  
PS4 Call of Duty Black Ops IV**  
PS4 Call of Duty Ghosts  
PS4 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare  
PS4 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered  
PS4 Call of Duty WWII  
PS4 FIFA 16  
PS4 FIFA 17  
PS4 FIFA 18  
Ps4 Fortnite**  
PS4 Gang Beasts  
PS4 Injustice 2  
PS4 Lego Jurassic World  
PS4 Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens  
PS4 Madden 19  
PS4 Marvel VS. CAPCOM Infinite  
PS4 Minecraft  
PS4 NBA2K15  
PS4 NBA2K18  
PS4 PGA Tour Rory McIlroy  
PS4 Rocket League  
PS4 Street Fighter V  
PS4 The Show 16  
PS4 The Show 18  
PS4 VR Batman Arkham VR  
PS4 VR Farpoint  
PS4 VR Resident Evil 7 Biohazard  
PS4 VR RIGS: Mechanized Combat League  
PS4 VR VR Worlds (5  games)  
SNES Classic 21 favorite classic games  
Wii Just Dance  
Wii Just Dance 2015  
Wii Just Dance 2016  
Wii Just Dance 2017  
Wii Just Dance 2018  
Wii LEGO Pirates of the Carribean  
Wii Mario Party 9  
Wii Mario Super Sluggers  
Wii Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing  
Wii Super Mario Bros. Wii  
Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl  
Wii Wii Sports  
Wii Wipeout the Game  
Wii U Mario Kart  
Wii U Mario Party 10  
Wii U NintendoLand  
Wii U Super Mario Bros. U  
Wii U Super Smash Bros.  
Wii U Wipeout Create and Crash  
Wii U Yoshi’s Woolly World  
WiiU Just Dance 2019  
XBOX360 Adventure Time  
XBOX360 Angry Birds Star Wars  
XBOX360 Blazing Angels 2  
XBOX360 Blur  
XBOX360 Borderlands Game of the Year Edition  
XBOX360 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare  
XBOX360 Call of Duty Black Ops II  
XBOX360 Call of Duty MW3  
XBOX360 Diablo III  
XBOX360 FIFA 13  
XBOX360 FIFA 14  
XBOX360 Forza Horizon  
XBOX360 Gears of War 2  
XBOX360 GoldenEye Reloaded 007  
XBOX360 Grand Theft Auto V  
XBOX360 HALO 3  
XBOX360 HALO 4  
XBOX360 Injustice  
XBOX360 Konami Classics vol 1  
XBOX360 Kung Fu Panda  
XBOX360 Lego Marvel  
XBOX360 Lord of the Rings Conquest  
XBOX360 Madden 12  
XBOX360 Madden 13  
XBOX360 Madden 15  
XBOX360 Madden 25  
XBOX360 Marvel Ultimate Alliance  
XBOX360 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2  
XBOX360 Marvel VS Capcom  
XBOX360 Minecraft  
XBOX360 Mortal Combat  
XBOX360 Namco Museum Virtual Arcade  
XBOX360 NBA2K13  
XBOX360 NBA2K14  
XBOX360 RAYMAN Origins  
XBOX360 WW12  
XBOX360 WW2K14  
XBOX360 WW2K15  
XBOX360 WW2K16  
XBOX360 WW2K17  
XBOX360 Young Justice Legacy  
XBOXONE Call of Duty Black Ops IV**  
XBOXONE Call of Duty Infinite Warfare  
XBOXONE Cuphead  
XBOXONE Fortnite**  
XBOXONE Forza Motorsport 6  
XBOXONE HALO The Master Chief Collection  
XBOXONE Kung Fu Panda – Showdown of Legendary Legends  
XBOXONE Lego Avengers  
XBOXONE Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham  
XBOXONE Madden 17  
XBOXONE Madden 18  
XBOXONE Minecraft  
XBOXONE Overcooked  
XBOXONE Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)**  
XBOXONE Tekken 7  
XBOXONE Trials Fusion  

*(note: PS4 VR is available at an extra charge, please contact us for details before booking)

**ONLINE ONLY – Depends on HOTSPOT connection in the area of town.

game list updated 11.29.18










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